Customer Feedback

When I find great people doing a great job and cementing customer loyalty, I like to acknowledge and share!  Action Collision Repair is that kind of good news.

I was raised in a small Texas Panhandle town where vendors and professionals and customers were all neighbors, friends, and community builders.  If something was wrong with my car, my repair person would find a creative and reliable way to fix it for the least possible expense.  It was as if they enjoyed the challenge.  In return, when something really big and expensive needed doing, I knew from my experience with them that I could trust their quality, their creativity, their values, and their pricing.  Those kinds of local shops are increasingly hard to find, but Action Collision Repair is definitely one.  Sounds smarmy, I know, but they actually increase my dwindling faith in humankind.  Truly good, thoughtful people who do excellent work.

Despite not being a terrible driver, we have had several occasions to leave our cars in their hands.  We have been delighted every time with both quality of work and value for dollar.  Most recently, Lexus told us my barely-dented fender was impossible to repair because of a tiny flimsy clip that had broken. They quoted $1500 for a full replacement. As retirees, that kind of a price tag is more daunting than it was when we were a two-paycheck family. We took it to Action Collision Repair to get a quote for comparison.  Kim walks with us to the car and says, “I think we know how to fix that with a couple of screws and a little buffing.  It won’t be the official fix, but it will look good and it will solve the problem.” They did that, invited us out to see it, and charged us $45 for a beautiful job. A savings of, what, $1455!  I was dancing a jig!  Their response was that they knew we came back any time we had big repairs, so any time they could help us with smaller fixes, they sure wanted to do that.  When was the last time you as a customer were treated like this?  For me, it’s been a long time and I can’t sing their praises enough! 

Still smiling Linda & Paul Fite, Frisco, TX 75033

Thank you very much for the excellent work you did on Jennifer's 2007 Shelby GT. It is a pleasure to deal with experts who also are friendly people. I am sure Jennifer will be very happy when she returns to the US next month. 

George W. 

Fantastic experience. I had a tree jump out in front of me while backing up (my story...sticking to it). They replaced the bumper on my F250 and wiring, color matched it, fixed the step that goes in the tailgate (plus some other things i'm not sure) all for a reasonable price and in only 2 days. ( Dropped it off on Tuesday at 11 am and picked it up on Thursday at 2 pm). Plus, when I dropped it off it was filthy and they gave it a bath! My only regret is that I drove it around busted up for months. AAAAA+++++ 

Jon B.  

Steve & Kim,

It was wonderful to meet you both. Thnak you very much for your kindness. My car looks great and I truly appreciate the extra work you put in. 


I am so happy I went to get a quote from these guys. First I went to C*%#@*r Collision and they quoted me $1800.00 if we turned it into insurance and replaced the bumper on my 2014 Camaro, my wife pulled over a parking stop and broke many of the brackets. C*%#@*r  said they could try to snap it back together for $500.00 also but would cost $150.00 to pull the bumper and check it out. When I went to Action Collision the guy said he could fix it right now for $20.00 bucks, 15 minutes later and it was all done and as good as new. I love these guys I will no longer be going to C*%#@*r Collision. I want to thank Steve for being so cool and not ripping me off. I love these guys. My Camaro looks as food as New. 

Todd B. 


Thank you so much for helping me with the process of my car repair. I learned so much from you. I would not be where I am now, if I had not had you to walk me through this. You gave me great advice about each part of it. Thank you so much for your professional ad friendly guidance. I sure do appreciate you. Huge Thanks!

Nancy M>

Dear Steve, Kim & team

This accident has really messed up my life now & I am very thankful for all the time you took to get my car safe for me & my boys. You  kept your word and did what you promised. I will tell all I know about you & the shop.

Sherrie K.

WOW, I never would have believed that getting our Tahoe repaired after an accident could be a pleasant experience but Kim you and your staff made it just that. On top of that the truck looks like brand new!! Thank you so much for taking such great care of s, your shop is the only place to get repairs done as far as I am concerned. 

Perry P. 

Steve & Kim 

I wanted to thank you again for your great service! You made an unpleasant experience not so bad at all.  You treat your customers like friends you have know forever. The car looks great!!! Thank you Again!!

Steve S.